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Please note: only the Form, FAQ and Contact pages (along with a few others at this site) are fully functioning as of now. However, if you are in favor of the idea of a world language, please register your support for the idea in the meantime by filling out the form and passing on the site address to others! If you're not yet sure about the idea, our Frequently Asked Questions page might help address your questions.

  • To join our campaign to spread the idea of a world auxiliary language chosen by the world's representative leaders, please see our Action page. (including the option to fill out a form expressing your support of the idea.)
  • To understand what such a language would involve (and to view our anticipations of possible objections), please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
  • To view maps and charts showing the current spread of support for the idea, to view language statistics on languages of the world, or to view statistical projections on how quickly the idea of a world auxiliary language can spread if each of us is telling someone the idea , please view our Map and Statistics page.
  • To see how this campaign began , please view our About page. To get in touch with us, please visit our Contact page.
  • To view links to other related websites, you can go to our Links page.
  • For News related to our campaign and a world auxiliary language or to join in on a discussion on the topic, go to our News/Media/Discussions page.

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