Checklist Reminders for Aspects of the World Language to Mention while Passing the Idea on

There are a certain number of items, which though they will probably mostly arise naturally within the conversation, might be particularly focused on to ensure they are covered.

You can print out this checklist for use in passing on the idea (whether to individuals in person, in on-line emails (not sent from our site), in public speeches, etc.)

1. Do not settle for discussion of ineffectual intermediate steps such as official national languages (though official languages for regional and international organizations do provide some impetus for change), translation technology, encouraging others to take up some specific language, etc., but rather focus on the global political solution (whether through congresses and Parliaments represented through the Inter-Parliamentary Union or through the United Nations.

2. Mention that both a spoken language and a script are called for, as the benefits which would accrue for both reading and writing as well as speaking and listening would be too great to pass up in making such a decision become a reality.

3. While not aligning the campaign with any particular language or kind of language, bring up the possibility of both existing or invented languages. You may need to explain the concept of an invented language for people as well as potential for resolving irreconciliable conflict if cultural reasons, difficulty in learning, etc. are insurmountable during the consideration of existing languages.

4. Make it clear that the universal auxiliary language is not to be the ONLY language replacing all native languages.

5. Be sure to summarize the main benefits which will accrue as a result of such a language (see benefits): bringing peace, unity, and friendships; facilitating communication; limiting bureaucracy, etc.

6. Address the likely concern that English is already an international language, that Esperanto failed, or that the idea is too utopian (tell them to just pass it on just in case if all else fails!).

7. Although we are only concentrating on one topic for this campaign, one may wish to take the opportunity to bring up some other related international subjects (especially those requiring global political consensus) while passing on the idea of a universal language. See the "Other Issues" page for a discussion of such topics as standard weights and measures, world currency, world government, etc..

8. Urge them to pass it on quickly (even specifying a week or month), to quarters where it is unlikely to have been diffused, and to follow through with one's commitments with trustworthiness.

Now that you have these topics in mind, you may wish to return to the Taking Action page.