Email Invitation

Sample Email

[allow personalized message to be added to the top of this message (or replace it)]

"Hello! I just wanted to tell you about this exciting new campaign called World Language - Pass It On. In this campaign, we are trying to inform people about the idea of a world auxiliary language--a language to be decided on by the representative political leaders of the world (whether to be chosen from existing languages or to be an invented language) after due recommendations by designated scholars and subsequently to be taught in all the schools of the world alongside the native language of the country. The advantages for peace, understanding, communication, education, cost-cutting, time-saving, convenience, etc. will be enormous for all of the world's people.

"If people we tell agree with the idea, we are asking them to pass on the idea to at least 2 others (and preferably more) who will similarly pass on the idea to others.

"If you agree with the idea, please record your willingness to support the idea at our website. You will also have an opportunity to send email invitations yourself to your friends as well as learn more about the campaign.

"If you wish to go immediately to commit yourself to the idea (and then ideally pass the idea on at our website), click here. If you wish to navigate through our main page first or instead, click here. If you do commit to the idea, on our form, please be sure to indicate the email address of the person who referred you, since this will allow him or her to gain credit for signing you up (the only reward here is having one's name listed as a top promoter).

"With your support--requiring at a minimum only the slightest effort--we may soon find this great solution take effect for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the earth. Best wishes to you!

Your friend"

Further Text to Would-Be Email Inviters (not part of the sample email)

"If you wish to add further invitations in the future (and we hope you do--check out our top promoters list to see if you're there!), be sure to login again and send your emails from our website (so as to avoid duplicate copies being sent to the same recipient--unless you want to insist that they hear it from you more directly)."

"If you wish to return to see other possible ways you may be of service (besides the essential and important action of informing others of the idea through email), you can return to our Taking Action page and consider other areas of participation."

Information on Email Invitation

The system should know whether the person about to be emailed has already either signed up to agree with the idea or whether someone else has sent an invitation to them (from our website). This should prevent people being overwhelmed with duplicates. The person who was about to send the email could then be alerted "the person with email ___ has already signed up (or been sent an invitation)". If the person has already signed up, nothing need more be stated. However, if the person was only sent an invitation (and still hasn't confirmed their agreement, the person sending the email could be prompted with a question: "Since this person has already received __ emails from our website (possibly by others) asking them to join our campaign (though they have not responded in favor or against as of yet), do you want to send them another copy?