Business Card

If you may be in contact with some individuals through means besides the internet, you are more than welcome to print out the following business card and share it with such individuals. It will remind them of the basic idea (which you can first yourself introduce to them) after they have talked with you, and also will give them the website if they wish to participate--if they are at all able to do so and are so inclined--in the on-line campaign.

(See also the Brochure or Petition sections.)

(If you collect your recipient's contact information (address, email address and/or phone number), you can also ask whether they are willing for you to contact them in the future to see how their work is progressing. If each "generation" makes such a confirmation with the next, we should be able to ensure that branches of the "tree" passing on the idea are not broken off by negligence.)

Sample Business Card Text

World Auxiliary Language - Pass It On!

"To join our campaign to spread the idea of a world auxiliary language being chosen by the world's representative leaders (from among the existing languages or an invented language) after consideration of scholarly opinions, and then being taught in all the schools of the world alongside the country's native language, please pass on the idea to at least 2 other people whom you can find to be similarly willing to pass it on.

"If you have access to the internet, please visit our website at . The website will also show you how the idea is spreading, provides answers to many questions, and will allow you to record your own commitment to demonstrate our collective public commitment to the idea (and encourage others to contribute).

"Thank you!"