Contacting Government Leaders

To Institutions: Letters to representatives (different than petition)

Although we have not organized a coordinated campaign to pass on the idea to our representatives--as we wish to first focus on spreading the idea amidst the public--we are providing here a means of contacting your representative political leaders in the event you wish to pass on the idea to them in the hopes that they may either themselves diffuse the idea, or eventually bring it up in an international forum.

In the future, we may either send your indications of support as a petition and/or encourage you to pass on the idea directly to your representative, asking them to bring up the issue in an international forum such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union where representatives from around the world may meet and have the means of creating such a commission to choose a world auxiliary language.

Another possibility is for the United Nations to undertake such an initiative. As the United Nations membership (currently) is not elected, taking this route would require we contact our country's president/prime minister/etc. and ask them to bring it up in the General Assembly (and encourage our representatives to support their initiative).

To locate the contact information for your representative(s) and execute leader, please fill out the following two items:

Country: [list of possible countries]
Zip/Postal code: or City: and State:

(Please inform us of data for your country if it is not here.)