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We are seeking to find support for the idea of a world auxiliary language in as broad a geographic spread as possible. The statistics alongside our map points out which areas have already had individuals give commitments to the idea of the universal auxiliary language and how many have done so. It also shows those areas where we still need to seek further support. Of course the data does not reflect the support which may have otherwise been given by those who have not yet visited or provided information to this website.

Although we feel our motivation should be a universal acceptance of the idea, including diffusion into areas without much current support or awareness, we the participants may find ourselves benefiting from a motivation of friendly competition between countries. Those countries demonstrating the most sense of world citizenship by making the largest sustained number of commitments will have much to be proud of. Of course filling a need wherever it may be regardless of country or language group is the greatest service. Obviously, some communities have greater access to technology which can help spread the idea (and have their commitments register on this website), but hopefully all can be encouraged and enabled to participate, since the poorer communities and groups will also be benefactors of the campaign and are not unavoidably restricted in participating, at least in the word-of-mouth component of the campaign. They can also be assisted by those with internet access.

Note: although we have attempted to stay with the nations as recognized by the international community, in order to show the full spread of the idea (including into disputed territories), we have chosen to highlight the fullest diversity by allowing users to list their territory separately, even if it is claimed by another. We do not do this to make any political statement, and those wishing to view one territory as part of another, have the right to combine the two in their minds.

See Statistics via a map