Language tally

In addition to the geographic map showing us areas where pockets of those uninformed as to the idea remain, we can also consider the need to spread the idea among underrepresented language communities.

The following list can show languages in alphabetical order or according to the total number of commitments being made by speakers of that language (including or excluding multilingual individuals):

Language Total Supporting Total Speakers Percentage of Country Represented by Supporters
Bengali 900 207 million .00043%
English 480 341 million .00014%
Spanish 224 322 million .00007%

Although we feel our motivation should be a universal acceptance of the idea, including diffusion into areas without much current support/awareness, we may find ourselves motivated by a friendly competition between language groups. Those language groups demonstrating the most sense of world citizenship by making the largest sustained number of commitments will have much to be proud of, though of course fulfilling the greatest need (within whatever language group) should bring the greater sense of accomplishment. Obviously, some language communities have greater access to technology which can help spread the idea (and have their commitments register on this website), but hopefully all can be encouraged and enabled to participate, since the poorer communities and groups will also be benefactors of the campaign and are not unavoidably restricted in participating, at least in the word-of-mouth component of the campaign. They can also be assisted by those with internet access.

Information on language tally:

While multilingual individuals can be totalled as one whole category (i.e., multilingual), it may also be useful to itemize them according to which language groups they speak (as well as provide a separate list including them in the totals of each single language). This should be done in a manner which indicates whether it is as a first or second language.