Following are some possible slogans which might be used in the furtherance of this campaign (whether for websites, emails, brochures, stickers, bumper stickers, etc.).

Please feel free to submit other ideas at our contact page or discussion boards.

"Tongue-Tied? How about a universal language?"

"When Words Fail: Why we need a universal language"

"No linguicization without global representation"

"Want Peace? Work for a common world language."

"World Peace through World Language"

"One language for one world"

"Widen your love for a world language"

"World Citizens for a World Language"

"Overoming Word Games: A global representative choice for a world language"

"Tired of Translation? Let's cut out the middle-man with a world auxiliary language."

"How to Go Anywhere to Undestand and Be Understood: Work for a world language."

"Do you want immigrants to be able to speak a language you can understand? Work for a world language."

"Aren't you afraid of what you may be missing out on by not having access to the thoughts of speakers and writers of other languages? Work for a common world language."

"Peace requires understanding and understanding requires a common language. Let's get our leaders to establish an official world language to be taught in all the schools of the world."

"The heart is a box filled with treasures. Language is the key to open the box. Let's work for a common world language to be able to unlock those treasures."

"Which is more practical: translating machines for all 5 billion of our fellow world citizens or a common world language?"

"Words Can't Express How I Feel--especially if you don't understand my language. Let's work for a common world language."

"If a world language is to be English, let's consolidate it by a political agreement among all nations. If this will not be agreed on, let's get started on establishing and teaching whatever language can be universally accepted, including possibly an invented one."

"It's not often one has a chance to support a movement which could benefit the whole world and yet not cost --but rather save--large amounts of money"

"If you also love the idea of a world language and love your world, please, pass it on!!!"