Tips for Communicating the Idea Effectively

Even if one is fully convinced as to the necessity of the idea, this is probably not sufficient preparation for telling others. To be effective, we must equip ourselves with the knowledge to be able to respond to possible objections people may raise in the process of our sharing the idea. We have prepared the Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) for this purpose. Not only is it intended to answer our visitor's questions, but it should also prepare our visitors to be better informed as to questions those they tell about the idea may raise.

If there are questions which we may have missed or inadequately dealt with, we encourage our visitors to submit suggestions of topics to cover in our Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) page. You can do this by either sending us a private email or by posting your suggestion to our Discussion Board (we prefer the latter since it will draw on the wisdom of others as well). If you want to provide your own answer to the question, we may possibly use part or all of your response in our FAQ page (let us know if you want us to attribute the passage to you).

Of course, successful communication is not only about knowledge--as vital as this is--but also about the manner of communication.

As the most important motivation for our campaign is to foster peace, we hope that the methods of persuasion used by our participants are of course also conducive to courtesy, dignity, and love.

Despite this need for courtesy, we can also err on the side of being too timid in presenting the idea. We must both show our own enthusiasm for the effectiveness of the solution (buttressed by a sound knowledge of the issues), and also be sure to emphasize, if our hearer is in agreement with the idea, of the need for them to follow through in telling at least 2 others. It is one thing to obtain someone's agreement; it requires extra effort to ensure they intend to indeed pass the idea on to others.

Feel free to visit our page on enhancing the campaign by increasing its diffusion and rate of spread.

You can also visit our checklist of items you can mention while passing on the idea or reminders of steps of action to take.