Reminders for Taking All Steps of Action
in Passing it On

In addition to remembering information you will want to mention about a world language decision, you will also want to remember a few steps in ensuring the campaign's success:

1) After adequately discussing the idea and making persuasive arguments, ascertain your hearer's (or hearers') opinion of the idea (whether for, against, or undecided).

2) If they are against the idea, of course, do not press the issue further. If they are in favor or undecided, try to provide them with the information they are willing to accept in order to have further time or materials to consider the idea (e.g., call them back, email them again, give them our website address, etc.) and possibly take action.

3) If they are in favor of the idea, try to confirm their willingness to commit to indicating their support for the idea at our website and/or passing it on by whatever means.
a) If they commit, give them our website address (feel free to print out our
business card to help you do so, and specifically mention the need to fill out
the form at
b) If they are willing to pass it on to others, mention the existence of various
means (besides word-of mouth) such as email from our site, brochure /petition, business card, contact government leaders, etc.)

4) Be sure to collect their contact information if they are willing (and/or offer yours) and if you may be able to contact them in the future (and ask them to do the same with their contacts if they are willing to pass it on). This is important whether you pass on the idea in person (by giving out a business card, brochure/petition, etc.) or by email. Saving their contact information, email address, etc., will allow you to confirm later that they are indeed passing the idea on (and that they are doing so and so on), and whether they have encountered opposition (and kind of opposition it was), etc. Be sure to follow up in this area and address any concerns they may have, since they may support the idea initially, but eventually run into doubts or opposition they cannot address given their own current knowledge of the subject.

5) If they are willing, encourage them to pass it on as quickly as possible and encourage their hearers to do the same (preferably within a week or sooner).

6) If they are willing, encourage them to pass it on to as many people as possible and encourage their hearers to do the same (but to at least two people).

7) If they have special skills or prominence which could be of use, encourage them to look at our Other Volunteering Options section.

8) Mention the existence of feedback at the website monitoring the diffusion of the idea to provide encouragement and to discover current needs.

9) Mention the opportunity to read more, ask questions, or discuss the topic at our website.