Monitoring Progress on the World Auxiliary Language Campaign

In order to provide encouragement to our campaign's participants, and to give further incentive to spread the idea in as yet unreached areas, we are using the information collected at our forms site to display information in various formats which should show how progress is being made in our campaign.

You can view the following information:

  1. Total number of present supporters for the campaign according to:

    1. Map /Geographic Distribution (view totals by country or region at our map page)

    2. Language group (view totals by our supporters' native languages)

  2. Calculation of Rate of Spread and Projected Time Remaining needed for achieving the goals of the campaign

  3. Listing of Professional/Prominent Persons endorsements of the campaign

  4. Leading promoters of the campaign (listing of those who are most successful at bringing others who support the idea to this website )