Leading Promoters

Although we do not have the means to offer prizes to those who spread the idea the most (this might also encourage cheating, which we do not want), we do have one means beyond the satisfaction of doing a service to humanity. The following list aims to promote some friendly competition in spreading the idea by showing (for those who were willing to have their names show up publicly), those who have spread the idea to the largest number of people (confirmed by those individuals submitting their own verifiable email address and/or other contact information). Note: credit is being given here by those who obtain commitments from others, not for those who simply tell other people the idea (though that is of course necessary and important, even if not all the people hearing the idea agree with it). We may decide later to record the leading promoters who obtain some response from others (i.e., someone finding others to express they disagree or have no opinion).

In order to encourage consistency in lines of transmission (even above the sheer numbers a given individual can tell), we are also listing the names of those who have started a chain which has led to the highest total number of commitments as a whole. This should give extra incentive for those who started a chain to ensure that their "posterity" is indeed passing on the idea to the next "generation" while those who did not start the chain can at least be proud of their chain! (Please be honest in giving credit (by listing your referrer's email address on the submission form) to those who first shared the idea with you via this campaign.)

(Be sure to also see the geographic spread and linguistic spread data for getting a sense as to the countries and language group speakers with the highest performances.)

Name of Promoter # of Commitments Country Language Group
Herbert Neumeier 52 Germany German
Kong Da Shu 40 China Chinese (Mandarin)
José Carrera 33 U.S.A. Spanish

Information on leading promoters:

The list will have to include a ranking according to the total number of people a person has found to commit to the idea (or in addition a list for those finding others to express their opinion either way). We may want to have two lists to distinguish between those giving a verifiable email address (which at least provides some hope that the individual mentioned is indeed an independent person) and those only providing information for those who do not have their own email accounts. We can also display leading promoters by country or language group (or by name alphabetically).